Unklaspe is a size-inclusive and disability friendly jewelry brand that creates bold and colorful pieces from unconventional materials. Our exquisitely handcrafted pieces are a fusion of art and functionality where each piece is unique but still thoughtfully designed with the end user in mind. Our soft-touch rubber cord bracelets, for example, provide a comfortable tactile experience in a wide variety of bright and neutral colors for you to express your own unique style.

We believe size and ability shouldn’t prevent a person from enjoying jewelry. With that in mind, we create our designs with clasp options that are easy to navigate for people with limited hand mobility and designs that are customizable to fit all sizes. 

We design every piece with the ethos that, in the art of accessorizing, opposites can exist in the same space. You can be trendy but still have understated simplicity; you can push the boundaries of creativity yet still be functional; and you can experience life in color but still maintain a calm, quiet elegance.